specialty services

Water Testing

Laboratory Drop-Off; we offer a water testing drop-off s‚Äčervice at our office in Penn Yan. We have sample bottles and useful information about testing and well water. Samples are picked up Monday -Thursday except for holidays. In addition, we offer sample collection services for newly constructed wells and real estate transactions. We use Life Science Laboratories a New York State Approved laboratory with offices in Canandaigua and Syracuse, New York.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment; ground water is the purest form of drinking water available. Not all water wells need water treatment! However, if you have a desire to remove hardness, iron, sulfur or any other constituents, we can evaluate the water and either recommend a system or refer you to a qualified water treatment specialist.

Hydrogeologic Services

Hydrogeologic Services; we design and conduct Hydrogeologic Investigations for municipalities, small businesses, wineries, restaurants and farms to determine the best location and well design for production or irrigation well construction. We design and install high capacity pumping systems, perform pumping tests on production wells and flow tests on residential wells. We evaluate geologic and hydrogeologic data and produce professional quality reports that are ready for the Health Department. See our Professional Services Page.

Well Flow and Quailty Testing

Well Flow and Water Quality Testing; Probably the most misunderstood and improperly conducted test in real estate today. The bad thing is that it is one of the most important tests performed and if it is not done correctly, you could be left holding the bag (or a huge bill). These test are being conducted by water service companies and home inspection services incorrectly. They are opening up the faucets in the home for 30 minutes and dividing out the gallons per minute throughout the home or they run the water at 5 gpm for 30 minutes. That's just not good enough! They just tested the water delivery capability and NOT the recovery rate of the well. An accurate test requires access to the well, proper equipment and experience in conducting a true flow test on a well. Please contact us for additional information or instructions on how to do it properly yourself.