Barney Moravec Inc. Water Wells

From drilling a residential water well and installing the proper pumping system or installing an incredibly efficient geothermal heating and cooling system for a home or business and even when conducting a larger-scale commercial or municipal project...we take pride in our pragmatism. The question is not how big can we make this project but rather what's the best way to reach the goals of the project and do it cost effectively. 

By combining experience of over eight decades beginning with Grandfather Barney, Father William H. and nearly four decades each of extensive knowledge and experience from brothers William A. Moravec (recently retired) and John K. Moravec along with nearly 30 years of technical experience from Richard, provides our clients with a level of practicality (i.e. significant cost savings) that other companies cannot and do not offer. 

Now, Bills' sons David and Chad and Johns' son Kevin are expanding the traditions that their Great Grandfather started and thier Grandfather continued. Even in today's business world our family name can be linked directly to the reputation of our work.

Our name goes on every water well, pump system, geothermal system and technical report we produce. We stand strongly behind our name and our work and our repeat business proves it!